The Case for Taking Control

I just read an article from the Wharton School titled - Burn Your Business Plan. I agree that most business plans are an academic exercise designed to satisfy a bank, business partner or some other reason not related to operating a business. 

My position is that without a plan or the structure that goes along with the plan, you are likely to create a glass ceiling beyond which your business will not be able to grow. And, more than likely, you will be consumed by your business. Here are a few points why:

  1. Without a plan, the business owner will adhere to the work harder not smarter philosophy. It takes systems and planning to work smarter. 
  2. Working harder creates an enormous amount of stress. The energy that goes toward this stress is energy that could be spent on vision and innovation that could fuel your business to grow beyond what you thought possible. 
  3. Your personal life will suffer. You have a limited time to spend with family. Birthdays, holidays, celebrations. You can't get lost time back at some future date. You need to maximize your enjoyment of life today. 

These points are the reason for this website and this BLOG. The good news is that you can change the course of how you work and enjoy life. Future posts will bring you workable concepts that you can put to work.

Please share what you are experiencing. Good and bad. 

Here's to your continued success!

Barry CarbaughComment