Six Business Mistakes to Avoid

I just read this article from Forbes Magazine:

I would like to emphasize the very first mistake. Not creating accountability. I find that most organizations do not define accountabilities within their organization and rarely define their organization chart. 

This is highly inefficient and, as you grow, creates an anchor that holds you back. Employees, customers and vendors don't know who is accountable for what within your organization and, if they do know, it is in a haphazard way. One time it works this way and the next time it works another way. When you hire new people, some may guess at accountabilities and be wrong. This increases the chance of errors and reduces confidence in the organization. 

Take the time to define your accountabilities. You can combine this with your org chart and call it your accountabilities chart. 

This is one step on the path to creating a self-managing business. The other mistakes on the Forbes list are excellent to be aware of as well. Let me know what you think.


Barry CarbaughComment